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Perfect Wedding Song

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Dance image by David Chilcott PhotographyFinding the entertainment starts with determining how much you can spend. The fun factor is vital to your event's success, so plan early and carefully. Typical wedding entertainment entails the employment of professional musicians or a wedding reception disc jockey, or DJ. The wedding DJ is a great option if you want your reception to be an interactive affair.

Consider the demographics of your guests. Rock 'n' roll is appropriate for younger groups; good background music fits more mature crowds. Mixed audiences may enjoy the interactive entertainment of a DJ, who can fill requests based on the mood and varied tastes of the crowd.

Find Your Perfect DJ

DJs acquire their good reputations from their ability to get guests involved at an event; you know, YMCA, the Cha Cha Slide, the chicken dance and more. And chances are likely that in spite of embarrassment and conscious opposition to these "silly" games, your guests will remember your reception. DJs tend to have a ton of popular music in their book of albums. But even if they for some reason don't have what you are looking for last minute, all it takes is for one of your guests to come up with the needed song on an ipod.

It's recommended to meet with the person or group you select at the reception facility itself, to discuss specifics and avoid potential disasters. Step to the Rhythm imageFor example, your reception venue may have restrictions on dancing, electrical usage or sound level.

As part of your planning, book your entertainment as soon as possible to get the group or DJ you want to play at your wedding. Choose a professional who has wedding reception experience, can handle various situations and will work well with caterers, photographers and other wedding professionals.

Be sure they communicate with your caterer and wedding coordinator so the party comes off without a hitch. You, your groom and your guests will remember the fun had at your reception happily for the rest of your lives.

Wyoming Bride Staff