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Icing on the Cake

Icing On The Cake Article

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Wedding Cake DesignWedding cake flavor choices are infinite. Gone are the days of white on the inside and out. Today's cakes come in flavors ranging from wonderful spice cakes and red velvet to marble with peanut butter filling and chocolate gnash frosting and ice cream cakes....the choices are limitless. If you have a favorite cake, and it's different from the groom's choice, both flavors can be integrated into your wedding celebration.

Some popular frosting flavors are white chocolate, cream cheese and traditional butter cream frosting-either white or colored. Rolled fondant is a popular choice because of its smooth seamless look and the ease it can be sculpted into shapes like flowers, polka dots or ribbon. Share the when and where the wedding will take place for help selecting frosting options. Keep in mind that certain cake frostings and fillings melt in the heat and should not be used for a wedding cake that will be outside.

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As for a one-of-a-kind design, your imagination is the only limit for the look of your wedding cake. Be prepared with your descriptions and ideas by bringing photographs or color swatches of elements you'd like to incorporate. Know what catches your eye and why. Most bakeries have photographs of their previous designs for you to view for ideas. If you choose to incorporate a cake topper into the design, share this information from the beginning.

The traditional tiered cake separated with pillars may still be the most popular, but couples now opt for more creative versions of the wedding cake. Square or hexagon cakes are stunning, as are those with overall patterns. Bands of color, patterned ribbon and even gemstones are popular in the wedding cake market.

If theme is an important aspect of your wedding, ask your baker to incorporate some of those elements into your cake design as well. Cowboy or outdoor themes, bright colors, even custom artwork on a wedding cake are all possibilities. You can adorn your wedding cake with flowers, seashells, peacock feathers, favorite candies, or just about anything you can imagine.

On the other hand, many couples are mixing it up and offering other desserts in addition to their wedding cake. Others are opting for a dessert bar stocked with family favorites, impressive towers of cupcakes, cookies, Wedding Cake Designchocolate fountains, or you could even serve cookies fashioned to resemble footballs with the groom's favorite team colors on it.

Aside from design and flavor, the baker will need to know how many guests will be served. Be sure to ask about cake sizes, delivery charges, deposits and payment schedules during your meeting. You might also discuss ways to economize, such as false layers, ordering a smaller decorative cake and serving some of your guests from separate sheet cakes. Sheet cakes allow you to serve multiple flavors of cakes to your guests, allowing your guests to choose their flavor.

Imagine, dream a little dream, and together with the right baker, you will have the sweetest ending to your perfect day.

What Shaps Your Cake?
  • Round. The look - traditional. Best for any type of wedding.
  • Square. The look - modern. Tiers can be set at different angles for a sleeker style. Best for any type of wedding.
  • Hexagonal The look - hip. With six sides to every tier, the shape is so striking you won't need intricate decorations. Best for trendy, urban weddings.
  • Scalloped. The look - casual. The sides of each layer have scalloped edges like a flower petal. Best for laid-back, outdoor affairs.
  • Topsy-Turvy. The look - dramatic, architectural. Each tier is a different shape to give the cake a whimsical or sleek, off kilter appearance. Best for offbeat affairs.
  • Molded. The look - casual. Cakes are shaped to match a theme or hobby, such as a castle, football, waterfall, or motorcycle. Best for groom's cakes.

by Cadey Reisner
Wyoming Bride Staff