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Flower - Breathtaking Blooms

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Though your flowers won't need to be ordered until a few months before your wedding date, it's important to book your florist as soon as possible.

Photo by Special Moments PhotographyBefore you consult with a florist, consider your wedding date, location, theme, colors and degree of formality and budget. Begin collecting photos of arrangements you like that incorporate your favorite blossoms. Note any flower allergies that you or your groom might have. Be honest about what you can spend. Your florist needs a realistic figure to map it all out.

Flowers are seasonal products, yet any flower can be purchased from somewhere in the world any month out of the year. Generally, selecting flowers "in season" may allow you to get more for your flower budget.

Find Your Ideal Florist

Keep in mind the time of day of your wedding. Heat could definitely be a factor in how well the blooms hold up. Wedding flowers need to look good throughout the ceremony and the reception. A professional florist will recommend flowers that handle the stresses and length of a wedding day better than others.

Some florists lean toward classic and traditional arrangements, while others Photograph by Jason Rogershave a more avant garde style. If your flower needs are unusual or elaborate, ask your florist to provide sketches or simple models of arrangements. If your flower requests are more standard, you can still ask your florist to create a pre-contract bouquet and centerpiece. It will cost you, but you'll be sure to get the arrangements you desire.

Choosing the right floral designer has a lot to do with experience, personality and style, both yours and theirs. Personal interviews are the tried and true method for finding a florist who will create the breathtaking bouquets and décor of your dreams

Wyoming Bride Staff