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Planning your wedding

Information, tips, & dos and don'ts to get you on your way.
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Do Not Upstage the Bride!

As wedding season is in full swing now, you may find yourself wondering what you should wear to the festivities. Wyoming Bride has a few tips...

The Wedding Thank You

You may feel that in this day and age of texting, Twitter and email, that written thank you notes are old fashioned and unnecessary...

Bridesmaids Checklist

Having a sister or a best girlfriend ask you to stand up for her at her wedding is a great honor, but what does it mean exactly?

Who Pays?

It finally happened, he proposed! Now you can have the wedding you have been dreaming about since you were ten walking down the hallway...

Welcome Guests! ...Preparing For The Out-Of-Towners

Out of town friends and family attending your wedding have a few more arrangements to make in order to attend your wedding festivities.

Perfect Moment, Perfect Song

Music is an important part of any wedding ceremony: It helps set the mood and get your guests ready for the event to come.

Whats A Kid To Do

Because a wedding is typically a “grown up” affair, you’ll need to get creative to keep the little ones amused at the reception.

Two Become One...Symbols of Unity

The unity candle is a symbol of two people becoming one in marriage.

Icing On The Cake...The Sweetest Piece

An attractive and delicious cake served to your guests tops off your wedding. There are as many cake flavors and designs...

Bridge to Forever - 2012 Cover Model & Feature Story

It was probably a good thing Kayla Hughes and Kelsey Hurd rehearsed their wedding ceremony beforehand...

Transportation - Here Comes The Ride...Arriving In Style

Transportation on your wedding day used to be simply getting the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception site.

Step To The Rhythm...Everybody Dance To The Music!

Your family and friends have gathered to witness your “I-dos”, all of the details of the day have come to fruition; the photographs, the flowers,...

Honeymoon Travel

Planning honeymoons takes almost as much forethought as planning a wedding.

Build A Relationship With Your Photographer

You have the ring, and now it’s time to start working on your relationship. The one with your photographer, that is.

Flowers - Breathtaking Blooms...The Bouquet & Beyond

Whether you choose flowers with stylish sophistication or lighthearted bouquets, the flowers will make a statement that enhances...

Essential Elements...Minding The Details

Your wedding celebration should reflect your lives, your story and your future. One of the best ways to craft your personal celebration...

Making It Legal - Getting Your Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license for use any where in Wyoming, an engaged couple must appear together at a County Register of Deeds office...

The Ideal Venue...For Your Dream Wedding

It’s one of the first tasks you undertake as you begin planning your wedding.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Keeping your dress in good condition for many years to come will mean you’ll hire a professional to clean and preserve it.

Grooms Groove...Saying I Do in Style

Grooms are half of the wedding day and you’ll want to match your bride’s level of formality.

Gowns and Formal Wear

Your Perfect Wedding Gown...Shopping for your dress is an exciting adventure and a little overwhelming all at the same time...

The Wedding Feast...Your First Meal As Husband & Wife

Selecting a caterer to prepare the delicious meal to be shared among family and friends is your next important step...

Choosing a Reception Venue

Questions to ask when choosing a wedding reception venue.